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Changing your company name registered in the UK.

10 November 2019

Whenever you decide to adopt a new name and change it from the registered one, it is called as change of name. Say, a company decides to have its new name JSL Limited from John Smith Limited.

Changing the name of a UK registered company is a straight forward process. You must need to send a Companies House form NM01. You can use the online service to file changes of your company name by special resolution only.

If you want to change your UK registered company formation status it won't be treated as a standard change of name. Say, you change your company status from public company to a private limited company it will be called as re-registration of the company and not as a standard change of name.

Please make sure to check the availability of the new company name before you send the resolution to Companies House for changing the company name. You can check availability of a company name using the online company name change service. Please also make sure that if your new proposed company name should not includes one of the sensitive words listed by Companies House, If so additional supporting document will be required.

I wish to use a sensitive word in my new company name, what do I need to do?

You will need to provide supporting document evidence or a letter of non-objection from the relevant authority to support your application.

Make sure your new proposed name is available

Before you change your company name, you will need to make sure that your new company name is available, and doesn’t fall foul of the company naming rules.

Further Information

For more details, read the Companies House FAQ to changing a company name.