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Choosing A Company Name

Once you have decided on a company name that you like, there are some factors that should be considered when deciding whether it is suitable to use it or not.

Before submitting your application to Companies House and when choosing a company name, you should check that there isn't someone already registered with the name you want or a similar name. If you are forming your company with us when you fill in your company name the system will automatically check whether it is free or not. If there is already someone with the same name you will be unable to incorporate using that name and will need to think of a different one. It is always well worth doing a little bit of homework when choosing a company name to avoid disappointment at the company registration stage.

When you are forming your company and choosing a company name, you should also be aware that there are some words that Companies House deems sensitive. There are restrictions on such words meaning that you may be required to supply additional information to be able to use them. In some cases this is proof that your company will be acting in the way that the name describes, e.g. proof that you are working on a global scale if you have "International" in your name, or you need approval from a certain establishment if you want to have the word "Institute" in your name. Before you proceed with your formation after choosing a company name, make sure you have the proof required if necessary.

Most companies will want a website after they have been set up. Make sure that the Domain Name (website address) that you want is available when choosing a company name and before you form your company otherwise you may need to change your company name or your trading name or your first choice of Domain Name. You may visit here to find out if your domain name is available.

Just registering as a limited company will not completely protect the use of your brand. You do have some control over someone having a similar name, but not over your image and logo. By having a trademark you ensure that you can take legal action if you find someone is using your name or logo. Our best value Trade Mark Search will cost you as little as £29.99 + VAT per company

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