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UK business telephone number

Get Your Business Number Today!

We have secured a deal with the market-leader in SME business telecoms, www.cleartonecommunications.co.uk to provide all our clients with the ideal telephone solution for your business.

As part of your package, you will receive to a totally-free UK business telephone number which can be answered on any UK landline (or mobile as an add-on!).

This brand-new number for your business is the number you put on your website to advertise to your customers and clients to call you on, instead of giving out your private numbers.

By using Cleartone, you keep your personal numbers private for family and friends!

However, with Cleartone’s clever technology, using your brand-new Business number, you use your private phones to make and answer business calls, showing your callers only your new Cleartone business number!

You can also use this Business Telephone Number for WhatsApp Business to further engage with your customers.

This partnership is a great opportunity to get a professional business number, look more credible and have all calls recorded - and voicemails emailed to you instantly.

Cleartone provide business telephone services to thousands of new, one-person, micro-businesses and SME´s giving them more flexibility in how they interact with their customers.

With Cleartone´s intelligent service, as a business owner, you can change where your calls are answered based on your movements and availability, helping to better control your work/life balance.